2020 Meeting Schedule

Meetings are the third Wednesday of the month, 12-1:30.

Contact me by email for login information.

9/16/2020 Real estate update: Discussion with Dominik Musafia.  With his background as a real estate broker and attorney, Dominik will lead us in a discussion of common pitfalls and hidden opportunities in transferring property during divorce.

7/15/2020 Implicit Bias:  Discussion with Jamie Clausen, including an overview of the social science, the impacts, and actions to recognize and disarm our biases.

6/17/2020 Covid-19 and Parenting: Discussion of examples arising in our practices.

5/20/2020 Spousal Support: Looking back and looking forward.  Discussion with Comm. Steve Gaddis.  An in-depth look at the recent history of spousal support, and how we treat spousal support in a time of economic uncertainty.


4/15/2020 Collaborative practice in the age of COVID-19.  Discussion with Roy Martin, Attorney at Law.

3/18/2020 Interdisciplinary practice.  How do we engage as a collaborative team with the financial neutral?  Discussion with Maryann Nelson, CDFA.  

2/19/2020 Reflective practice as a learning tool.  How do we learn skills in real time?  Collaborative practice differs significantly from litigation in nature, and requires interdisciplinary teamwork.  

1/15/2020  Using Zoom for professional meetings.  We will spend about an hour going over the features of Zoom as we will use them in the pod.  With virtual meetings becoming more commonplace, facility with Zoom could be generally useful as well.  No advance readings for this meeting.